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Warwick Print is a leading digital printer situated within the University of Warwick. We provide binding (dissertation, thesis), poster and print services via our online store.

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We are Warwick Print, a leading digital printer based at the University of Warwick. We specialise in print services, graphic design and bookbinding.

Library binding

Library binding is used for producing the official final copy of your thesis which is submitted to the Graduate School. In accordance with University of Warwick regulations, this option uses a technique that binds your document in black buckram cloth which is lettered in gold with your name, qualification and year on the spine.

Note: If you need the Library declaration form to be bound in the copy, either make it part of the document (combine the documents into one pdf file) or you can upload both files together (select them at the same time for upload).

We can also produce a library binding for any other UK university, just ask for more details.

  • Paper Size: A4
  • Cover Print: Spine
  • Cover Colour: Black
  • Cover Material: Buckram
  • Spine: Metal Clamp
  • Minimum Page Count: 80 sheets (80 single sided/160 double sided pages)
  • Maximum Page Count: 300 sheets (300 single sided/600 double sided pages)
  • Cost: From £20.00
  • Turnaround: Maximum 3 full working days*
  • Left hand margin (binding edge) requirement: 2cm
  • All other margins requirement: 1cm

* May be longer during busy periods

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