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Warwick Print is a leading digital printer situated within the University of Warwick. We provide binding (dissertation, thesis), poster and print services via our online store.

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We are Warwick Print, a leading digital printer based at the University of Warwick. We specialise in print services, graphic design and bookbinding.

Wiro binding

Wiro binding uses coated metal wires to bind documents together like a notepad. Ideal if you want your document to lie completely flat when open or fold back on itself. Quick and cost-effective, wiro is perfect for annual reports, manuals or other reference material. Also known as spiral or ring binding.

  • Paper Size: A4
  • Spine: Wiro (available in white only)
  • Maximum Page Count: 250 pages
  • Cost: From £2.50
  • Turnaround: Maximum 3 full working days*
  • Left hand margin (binding edge) requirement: 2cm
  • All other margins requirement: 1cm

* May be longer during busy periods

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