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Frequently asked questions about how to use our website
I can upload my file the first time but when I upload my file again web shows this error message: “System cannot received your file. Please select and upload your file. Ensure the file is in PDF format and under 40 MB in size. We suggest that you can change a different internet browser try again if you still have a problem.”

A: It is coach crash with your internet browser. In order to upload a file again, you can clear the crash or simply using a different internet browser.

How long will my order take?
How much will my order cost?
Can I use your service even though I do not attend the University of Warwick?
Where on campus can I collect my order?
How much is printing?
Can you deliver my thesis to my personal address or my department?
Do you print posters?
Do I need a CD copy as well as my bound thesis? Do I need a soft or hard binding?
How can I submit my signed library declaration form when I am not going to be at the University?
Can I use a cost code to pay for my printing and how do you I obtain one?

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