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We offer high quality binding (wiro, soft bind, hard bind, dissertation, thesis), poster and A4/A3 print services (flyers, leaflets), including Covid-19 signage, which are easy to order via our online shop.
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We are Warwick Print, a leading digital printer and book binder based just outside Coventry at the University of Warwick. We specialise in cheap online prices for high quality hard cover book binding services, ideal for novels of any genre: Action and Adventure, Classics, Graphic Novel, Crime and Thriller, Ars Erotica, Travel literature, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Detective, Mystery, Horror, Romance.

Hardback binding (casebound / hardcover)

We can all agree that hardback book printing and binding is durable and impressive.

Product specifications:

  • Files accepted: All main formats, incl. PDF, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel, Rich Text Format, jpg, png (view complete list of files)
  • Paper Size: A4
  • Cover Print: None
  • Cover Colour: Black
  • Cover Material: Buckram
  • Spine: Metal Clamp
  • Minimum Page count: 30 sheets (30 single sided/60 double sided pages)
  • Maximum Page Count: 270 sheets (270 single sided/540 double sided pages)
  • Left hand margin (binding edge) requirement: 2cm all around
  • Turnaround: Maximum 3 full working days*
  • Nationwide Delivery: Orders placed will be dispatched via reputable companies such as DHL and the Royal Mail.
  • Cost: From £14.00

** May be longer during busy periods

Can't find the specifications you are looking for or have some bespoke details in mind? Don't wory, we can still help. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Whether you are an aspiring novelist, a non-fiction writer or a poet, having your book printed in hardback format is a chance to present your compilation in the most desired format.

With a hardcover book, you choose to invest more in the end product, and it’s a great choice. In our digital age, with a hardback book you get visible high quality, real 3D volume and weight thanks to the thickness of the binding, and the tactile experience of the smooth buckram cloth cover and smell of good quality material.

Hardback is always a safe option for making an impression. It is durable, prestigious and timeless.

What’s the difference between hardback and hardcover?

Nothing. Hardcover books go by many names, but they’re commonly made with the same process. Hardback books, also known as case bound books, are bound with a hard-board cover that is usually covered with a cloth-like material, buckram.

Buckram is a heavyweight, starched book cloth, made from a combination of polyester and cotton fabrics. Known as the strongest and most durable of the traditional book cloths, but still has a magical surface sheen with the smoothness of velvet.

Our books are bound in black buckram. And as we all know, black is the new black. Actually, black is timeless.

The buckram cover without any printing on the cover is our cheapest option, though it may appear plain, is our most versatile product.

Between the covers could be any genre; Action and Adventure, Classics, a Graphic Novel, Crime and Thriller, Ars Erotica, Travel literature, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Detective and Mystery, Horror, Romance - you decide.

Questions about printing and binding?

See our FAQs and User guides page for answers about delivery, how to order, paper stock, paper quality, print finishings etc.

If you can't find the answers there, contact us


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