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We offer high quality binding (wiro, soft bind, hard bind, dissertation, thesis), poster and A4/A3 print services (flyers, leaflets), including Covid-19 signage, which are easy to order via our online shop.
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We are Warwick Print, a leading digital printer and book binder based just outside Coventry at the University of Warwick. We specialise in cheap online prices for high quality hard cover book binding services, including for University library, dissertation, thesis, non-fiction novels and coffee table books.

Hardback book binding services

Also known as hard bound, hardback or case bound, case binding is one of the most common types of book binding for hard bound books.

Thanks to their rigid covers, hardback books are more durable and longer lasting than their alternatives. Although slightly more expensive to produce, they will stand the test of time and will look great on your bookshelf for years to come.

Hardback books can be created in quantities from as low as a single book upwards.

Hard Binding

Warwick Print offers Hard binding services
Hard binding icon
  • Uses a black buckram hardback cover
  • Has a metal spine for a high quality finish.
  • Perfect for a novel of any genre such as Action and Adventure, Classics, or a Graphic Novel.

Book with cover print

Warwick Print offers book binding services
book binding icon
  • Black hardback cover (with gold foil blocking).
  • Perfect for a coffee table book such as a Wedding Guest Book, Dream Holiday Diary, Family History or a Special Edition Autobiography

Library Binding

Warwick Print provides library binding services
library binding icon
  • For the final copy of your dissertation or thesis.
  • Binds your document in black buckram cloth.
  • Lettered in gold with your name, qualification and year on the spine.

Premium Book Binding

Warwick Print offers premium book binding services
premium book binding icon
  • Black buckram, lettered in gold with your name, qualification and year on the cover and spine.
  • Incredible durable and has a highly professional finish.
  • As a cherished aide memoir, it is a lovely gift for friends or family.

We are experts in producing high quality hardback books using the finest materials and quality finishes.

A hardback book is cased into a board casing with strong glue. This is a durable, long lasting binding that gives the feel of a premium, quality product. Great for special editions, gifts and occasions.

Using state-of-the-art machinery, our experienced team can take any document (reports, dissertations, brochures, booklets, presentations, manuals, or fictional work such as novels or diaries etc) and turn it into a smart and professional looking finished hardback book.

The hard cover options use our new modular kit system: your document is encased between hard-wearing black buckram covers and clamped with a metal spine for maximum durability and a premium finish.

Depending on the hard cover option chosen, we then letter the cover (Book), the spine (Library binding for students) or spine and cover (Premium book binding) in gold foil.

It could not be simpler to order: just use our online printing shop 24/7 from anywhere with internet access, so you are not bound by opening hours when you are ready to order. Upload your documents in a variety of formats, accept the default settings (or choose single or double sided, colour, black and white or mixed printing), confirm the cost and pay by credit card and you are done!

We then print, bind and deliver your document in as little as 3 working days depending on order volume and location.


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